PERRI WATCH REPAIRS offers a wide range of services from battery replacement and sealing to complete restoration and service.

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If you are not in London or you don't have time to visit our workshop you can send your watch through the post and we will send it back to you in a registred and insured delivery.

Please find out bellow some of our services and do not hesitate in contact us.

Case Polishing & Valeting/Refurbishment

We provide an excellent refurbishment service. We have very sophisticated polishing and lapping equipment. Engraving and deep nicks can be filled prior to polishing using our laser machine. Watches are brought back as CLOSE TO FACTORY FINISH AS POSSIBLE.

Before Refurbishment

Pressure test machine

Battery replacement

Swiss replacement batteries are always used. Waterproof watches will be pressure tested after battery has been replaced. Should new seals be required they will be fitted. Batteries can often be replaced while you wait.

Bracelet Repair

Depending on the bracelet whether it be gold, steel or combination can usually be restored or repaired.

New Glass

The majority of watch brands and models can have their glasses replaced. Please ask if we can replace yours.

After Refurbishment

New Movement

Sometimes a movement is beyond repair and may require an entire replacement.

Partial Service for Quartz Watches

In our Quartz Partial service the battery is replaced and water pressure tested (where necessary). The watch is stripped down   and  all the outside parts (case, back case, bazel and  bracelet) are  given an ultrasonic bath to remove all residues from the skin, sweat and   sterilize, giving a clean and fresh look to your watch again.

Full Service

The watch movement is completely stripped and cleaned using sophisticated machinery, re-assembled, lubricated, regulate, cased and water pressure tested (where necessary). The watch case is refurbished and cleaned if requested prior to final assembly. Always following the manufacture guide. Please click here to find out more.

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